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Dog Poop Removal in Provo, Utah

Residential Homes in Provo

Provo is known for its amazing university and the great sports tradition it has. Many of its wonderful residents are also pet lovers and have their own dogs. The wonderful dogs in the community have helped our business grow, one poop at a time. The good news is, that we do all the dirty work and pick up dog poo so that you don't have to.

Poop Scoop Utah will take care of all the dog poop removal from your yard. The majority of our clients choose to do a weekly service so that their yards, and especially their grass can always be in great shape. No one wants to be running through their yard and step on dog poop. And no one wants to see their kids playing in the backyard and realize that they have dog poop on their hands. We will make sure that our poo cleaning service gets all of the dog poop off of your yard every single time we come.

Commercial & Businesses in Provo

Since Provo has so many smart people living in it, there always seems to be an endless amount of businesses and commercial areas that are growing in the area. Many of these places allow dogs in the area too. We love it when businesses love man's best friend, but we know that it can get messy in those areas too. This is why a big part of Poop Scoop Utah is to clean up dog poop in commercial and business areas. We are a professional pooper scooper cleaning service and will help with all the dog poop removal that you need. Whether it's a one-time or a weekly service, we'll make sure it all gets picked up promptly.

Parks & Dog Events in Provo

There are a lot of parks in Provo and many of those allow dogs. Most dogs love to play at parks and run around, but that doesn't mean that the parks don't get dog poop on them. We have cleaned up multiple parks before. Some of the parks have had big events on them and some just need the normal pickup. We can give you pricing on costs for cleaning up parks or different events like this. We are a professional pooper scooper cleaning service and can help on any occasion.

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