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  • What does your company do?
    We take care of the hardest part of having a pet, cleaning up their poop. We clean up poop so you don’t have to! While we mainly specialize in dog poop cleanup, we have been known to pick up after cats and pigs before as well. As long as the poop needing to be cleaned up is larger than the space between the tines on the rake (roughly about an inch) we should be able to clean it up. Reach out to us to see if it is something we would be able to help you with!
  • What areas do you serve?
    We proudly serve Utah, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Tooele, Cache, and Washington counties. Some of the cities in these counties may have an additional travel charge if we do not have clients currently in that area. Reach out to us to get a quote!
  • How much do you charge?
    Our standard charges for weekly scooping are $13 for your first dog and $3 for each additional dog. 2x weekly starts at $10 and increases $2 for each additional dog. Biweekly starts at $20 and increases $4 for each additional dog. For new accounts, we charge a new account start-up deep cleaning fee of $30 or more, depending on how much deferred maintenance there is. If you are overwhelmed with how much has accumulated and just want us to do the big one time clean up, that price is based off how many dogs you have, and how much poop has accumulated. To see the breakdown of our pricing click here. We bill everything on a monthly basis. We send out your total invoice for that month's cleanings on the first of the month.
  • How do I get started with service?
    It’s easy to start up service. In most cases, all it takes is a phone call or text message to (801) 382-9745. We also love emails and are happy to set you up that way if that is your preferred method of communication. You can email us at If you are a business looking to have us come cleanup, send us an email to get an accurate price quote as well!
  • Do I need to be home during my cleaning?
    We understand life is busy and that is why you are hiring us. You definitely do not need to be home as long as any aggressive or cumbersome dogs are put away and the scooper has access to the areas that need to be cleaned. We have a specific notes section for each of our clients where we can add gate codes, special instructions, where to find a box for a key to the gate, etc.
  • How do I pay for my service?
    We will send you a secured and encrypted invoice link via email through our payment system. You can pay that with a debit or any major credit card. There is a check box that you can click on that page where you enter your payment that says “Save my card”. Clicking that box will set you up for automatic payments for the future. If you add your email address to your account you will be emailed a receipt everytime that your card is charged. Please note that our scoopers are NOT allowed to accept cash, check or credit card payments at your home.
  • What will happen if I am unable or do not pay for my service?
    We understand that sometimes things happen and you occasionally will not be able to pay for your service on the day it is performed. If you reach out to us to inform us that you will need to pay a day or two late we are happy to work with you. However, if you have outstanding invoices and you do not communicate with us, we will take you off the schedule. If you are responsive to our messages and willing to set up a payment plan and work with us on taking care of your outstanding balance we are always happy to get you back on the schedule when your balance is at $0. However, if you do not respond to our messages, we will send your bill to a collections agency.
  • Do you charge me if I need to cancel one of my cleanings?
    If you are going to be out of town and would like to skip a week or two of cleaning and the dog(s) will NOT be using the yard there is no charge for skipping a cleaning. We just ask that you give us 24 hours notice so we can update our schedule’s efficiently.If you do not notify us within 24 hours we will still charge you for your cleaning. If you do skip a cleaning and the dogs are still using the yard, you will be charged your regular price. Since your bill is sent out monthly, there will be no change to your regular billing.
  • Are you a licensed and insured business?
    Yes, we are proudly licensed and insured to be working in the great state of Utah!
  • Does the size of my dog and/or yard affect the price?
    We typically charge the same for small or large dogs or yards; however, we reserve the option to add an upcharge for unique situations. Sometimes people think that since their small dogs produce small poop, our service should be less expensive; however, often small dog poop is hard to find, especially when in a gravel or grass yard. We will advise you on our first visit if we need to modify our pricing prior to starting any service for you. If your yard is larger than .35 acre we do charge as if there is an additional dog ($3 for weekly service, $4 for biweekly service, etc). If it's around a half acre we charge two additional dogs. If it is bigger, we will contact you about modifying the price based on the time it takes to clean your yard.
  • What day and time can you come to clean my yard?
    Our service days are from dawn to dusk, Monday through Friday; however, our routes vary by geographic area. We will try to accomodate special scheduling requests, but that is not always possible. Call us and we can share what day or days of the week that we will be in your general area. Exact timing of our visits is not common, since each scooping visit is unpredictable. We don’t know what we will encounter each week. One week, all dog waste may be found in one small geographic area in the yard and the next week, it may be spread out across the entire yard. Some weeks we will have one time cleanings that can take our scoopers a few hours. We would ask that you be flexible and allow us to visit as time permits on your assigned day, and if you have need for more specific timing one week, just reach out to us and we will try our best to be accommodating. The night before your cleaning we will send you a text reminder of your appointment, plus you will receive a text when our team is leaving the house prior yours, giving you roughly a 10 minute heads up. (Text and data rates may apply to texts you receive.)
  • What do you do with the poop after you pick it up?
    Our team scoops up the dog poop into a trash bag, ties the bag off tight, and disposes it in your trash can or a place you ask us to put it on your property. If the scooper is unable to locate your trash can they will place the bag to the side of your garage. For sanitary reasons, we do not have our team take the dog waste with them. We can also double bag the waste upon request if your trash can is in an enclosed area and you would like to cut down on smell as much as possible!
  • Do you work in inclement weather or on holidays?
    We try our best to come out and clean during inclement weather. If it is just drizzling rain or snow we will still come out. If there is lightning, heavy rain or snow, or if more than 50% of your yard is covered with fresh snow we might not come out that day. If it melts quickly or the rain/lightning stops quickly (because, let’s be honest, you never know what the weather will do in Utah!) we will still try to get you in the next day depending on availability. If we are unable to come and clean that week, we will get you the following week on your next scheduled cleaning day. Your bill will remain the same, since the next time we come out to clean there will be twice as much poop. So, instead of paying nothing one week and double the week we come out for the extra waste, your monthly bill will remain the same. We still scoop on most Holidays, with the exception of Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. On those weeks you will still be serviced, but the day may change. Our scheduling managers work extra hard to make sure every client is still serviced, and our team also gets to be with their family for the holiday!
  • Do I have to sign any contracts?
    We bill everything on a monthly basis, so our contract is only month-to-month. We send out your total invoice for that month's cleanings on the first of the month. You are welcome to cancel anytime before you pay for another month of cleanings!However, we do ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice before skipping a visit so we can update our schedule’s efficiently. Failure to notify us of a cancellation without a 24-hour notice may result in still being charged for the service.
  • What happens if my dog bites the Scooper?
    By signing up and paying for our services you are giving Poop Scoop Utah implied consent to visit your property to pick up dog waste. If your dog does happen to injure one of our scoopers, it is your responsibility as a homeowner. A member of our team will reach out to you to get a record of your dog’s vaccinations, and to collect your homeowners insurance information and any other needed information to pay for the team member’s instacare visit and any shots or treatments needed.
  • Customer consent to receive information:
    Our customers consent to Poop Scoop Utah and its affiliates contacting them via automated technology, including calls, texts, emails, service notifications and prerecorded messages, at the number and email the customer has provided pursuant to this agreement, concerning matters relevant to the customer's scheduled services as well as other services or products offered by Poop Scoop Utah.
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