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Special Poop Scoop Pricing

Dog Poo Cleanup in Santaquin, Utah

Utah Poop Scoop

The majority of our clients have us pick up their dog poop at their residential houses in Utah. It doesn't matter how big or how small your house and yard are. We don't price cleaning services for residential homes based on how big their property is. We price all of our cleaning services based on how many dogs you have and how often the cleaning is done.

Poop Scoop Utah is the #1 company for dog poop pick-up in the Beehive State. The best part is that your dogs will fall in love with the employee that is serving your area. We will walk up and down all of your property to make sure every piece is picked up. We spend the most time on the grass picking up dog poo since there is usually more to pick up. We do pay attention to other parts of your property too; nothing goes unnoticed!

Why Poop Scoop...

Choose frequency: We can help you decide whether we set up a weekly schedule or just do a one-time cleanup service.

Pet Waste Removal: Our pooper scooper professionals will pick up all the dog poo so you don't have to get your hands dirty.

Playtime: Now that your yard is clean and poop-free, playtime with your best friend has just begun.

Specials: We hold specials, coupons, and fun holiday deals unlike any other pooper scooper company does-- which is just ONE reason as to why we are Utah's #1 Popper Scooper company!

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